DATE: 21/11/2019

FACULTY IN-CHARGE: Dr. Bharathraj Shetty

It is in order to set the bench mark for conducting activities in such a way that students not only enjoy but also learn a great deal in gaining experience towards acquiring insight into managerial prowess and there by imbibe skills like, communication, participation and above all develop argumentative verbal skills, logical thinking etc., the MBA department of CMR centre for business studies, arranged a interclass debate competition for the first year MBA students of section A and section B. The debate competition was designed and organzed by Dr. Bharathraj Shetty, faculty of CMR CBS.

A circular to this effect was issued by the Director on 16/10/2019 and the date for debate was fixed   on 21/10/2019.Topics related to management education and relevant to contemporary issue were circulated among both the sections. The students of both the sections looked into these topics and topic chosen was “Is MBA necessary to be a good manager and better business leader?” Students made a team of six members each, and from MBA, A section, choose to speak for the subject and Team from MBA, B section choose to speak against the topic. It is further decided to ask two of the students each from one section as reporters and as such Mr Lilith Kumar of MBA, section A and Aishwarya from MBA B section, were given the role of reporters.

Prof Raja Mohan and Dr.Bharathraj Shetty, both are faculties of CMR CBS were to be the judge s for the debate competition.

The team for the debate is as below:-

Priyanka Srikanth
Shwetha Keerthana
Mary Shalini. S Sai Sathvika
Harshini Bassayya
Sanju Massiulla Mohammed
Nadeem Sarita


Both the teams were well prepared and they made their arguments for and against the topic. Discussion went on in right spirit, with right facial expressions, body language and gestures, along with audience consisting of both the sections, cheering their respective sessions.

The arguments were revolved around managerial leadership and business acumen and the contribution of management education for the team supporting the topic and the other team against stressed more on successful business leaders without any management education but individual capability and experience on running the business, and possessing financial discipline and planning toward running the business.

Both the team exhibited their oratorical skills and displayed confidence in presenting their arguments. At the end of a heated and interesting session of debate the judges after hearing both the sides declared section B of the first semester MBA as winners. The judging dimensions are style of delivery, logical arguments and relevance and the contents of delivery. The judges also declared best debaters – Srikant from B section and Nadeem of section A .

The debate ended with prize distribution and vote of thanks.